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28th August 2015

Born in Bombay and fashion-schooled in London, she switched to the other side to build Down to Dash, an activity based network for college students.

What this experience and time at Lightbox means to me :) -

I first joined Lightbox a few months after my graduation and a brief internship in a startup. I was really interested to know more about the huge tech and the start up opportunity in India. Its amazing how clued in I started becoming just a week after I joined- what I loved most was that despite being a branding and marketing intern I could still sit in on every pitch and investment meeting. Equally amazing was that all the interns could freely talk about their opinion and our input was considered. This is exactly what Lightbox is about- everyone is an equal part of the team.

You feel this culture as soon as you join and I truly believe that no other company does it better than Lightbox. Whether it's the "signals" and facts that pop up in random conversations in the awesome open office space which turn into discussions/ debates, the tuesday morning deal flow and afternoon team catch ups to games nights and evening 'catch' break from work, it really is 'work hard play hard'.

Apart from already learning so much by working with a hugely talented team, it was equally interesting to work with some of the portfolio's. It's exciting to be working on a jewellery brand one day and an auto marketplace the next day or even in the same day!

The cafe upstairs, the gardens, the any reason to order a cake and working with incredible people made me look forward to coming to this amazing office everyday!


What are you doing now?
Working on my own start- up called DownToDash which is a social networking app for college students to connect on similar interests and activities.

What is venture capital to you?
Giving start-ups the financial help they need to scale as well as helping them build better and bigger companies 

How do you see technology changing India in the next 10 years
Accessibility - all parts of India will have equal opportunity in terms of quality education, healthcare, banking and goods/services

What’s the best insider tip you would give to a new intern?
1. Sit in on as many pitches as you can
2. Work with the portfolio companies that interest you the most
3. Make the most of the cafe upstairs (no other workplace has this!)

What’s the wisest thing anyone has ever said to you?
The biggest risk in life is to not take any risk at all