We pick a few entrepreneurs and work in the trenches with them to take something from an idea to a thriving business. Take a look at how we celebrate our Annual Investor Day!

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India is unique

A billion people moving into technology-led economy


Traditional industries re-created around new models of consumption.

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Company building and culture

Double it!

Sandeep Murthy
20th March 2020

"Whatever ramp time you are budgeting for in terms of demand coming back - double it. However long you think you need cash for - double it." When this is over, companies that have been household names will disappear and a new crop will emerge. How you prepare and use resources today will determine which group you are in.

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Meher Kairon
3rd April 2020

Whether it’s exploring a new vertical to invest in or helping a portfolio company take on a new challenge – you are constantly encouraged to ask “why not”, to look closely at how the usual can be done differently, and to interrogate everything. And that culture of curiosity is what forms the basis of the team’s creative approach.

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