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Business models

Less is more is a mantra to live by

7th August 2018

Four years and $100 million. Presented with those numbers, most venture capital firms would likely have spread their bets and racked up a bare minimum of a dozen investments. Not Lightbox. The VC firm has backed just six startups across its second fund raised in 2014 and a $54-million expansion vehicle set up two years later. Simply put, Lightbox does things its own way by banking on a light portfolio of consumer technology companies to build winners.

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Business models

What's love got to do with it?

Sid Talwar
25th February 2020

Someone once said, “customer service isn’t about telling people how amazing you are, it’s about creating stories that do the talking for you.” Very few brands understand the value of these stories or even have the internal service culture to cultivate experiences worthy of being retold.

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Brand and design

Back to the basics

Sandeep Murthy
16th May 2020

As restrictions pullback new consumer preferences will become apparent. In the short to medium term consumers will disproportionately value transparency and hygiene. However, companies looking for long term sustained differentiation should also develop their ability to differentiate based on sustainability and provenance.

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Spaces and trends

Neo Banking

Akshat Jain
30th May 2020

Over the past year we have seen the emergence of neo banks - digital only banks that provide top notch banking experiences via an app and at costs far lower than offline banks. On this promise, we have seen neo banking become one of the hottest sectors in the startup ecosystem globally. Through this post we hope to explore the evolution of the digital banking space globally and lessons we can draw upon for the Indian upstarts in this space.

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