Love Affair

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20th March 2020

My time at Lightbox has allowed me to observe (and be a part of) this unique romance.

Over the last 4 months, I have come to realise that Lightbox’s investment ideology is nothing short of a Love Affair. From meeting the startup for the first time, to going on dates for months (or even a year), and ultimately deciding to make it official (investing!), the approach is indeed very intimate. It doesn’t end there, as Lightbox gets deeply involved in providing support (strategic & fundraising) to its startups and stands by their side through all ups and downs, come what may!

My time at Lightbox has allowed me to observe (and be a part of) this unique romance.

Thanks to the star team (Sid and Anshika) that I was a part of, I was able to experience and contribute to every aspect of work at Lightbox - from reaching out to founders and conducting profound Q&A sessions, to working on key projects for the portfolio companies. My work with portfolio companies - Dunzo, Melorra and Furlenco - allowed me to analyse different business models and observe various management styles. The weekly review calls helped me witness and appreciate the dynamic work and innovations by savvy entrepreneurs.

While the work was nothing less than ‘enriching’, in my eyes it is the culture at Lightbox which truly sets it apart. Even before officially beginning my term with the firm, I found myself in a football rink, playing a match with the partners of the firm, founders of the portfolio companies and the current and past colleagues at Lightbox. This is a great testament of the rapport shared between the stakeholders at Lightbox.  

I truly cherished the energy, the dynamic work, the inclusive culture and the enriching conversations at Lightbox, and would never miss a chance to come back and contribute to the firm in the future!