Varun Varma

Vice President, Investment Operations

A Computer Science Engineer from the University of Michigan, Varun began his career as a data analyst at Bloomberg. He led an initiative to liaise with news publications to create ideas for news articles based on proprietary data. He is accredited with driving a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Bombay Stock Exchange and Bloomberg to create an encrypted data feed for the Indian market.

He moved to Bloomberg's Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore where he led implementations of technology innovations that improved data accuracy. He oversaw the widly successful launch of the product indexing companies against environmental, social and governance parameters.

Back to Mumbai a few years later, he headed the Sales and Finance teams at Avanti Learning Centres, a social enterprise co-founded by a Harvard Business School alumnus, funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation that provides quality education to students with limited access. He launched transformative partnerships with some of the most established organisitations in the education sector, helping expand reach to over 30 location in 12 states.

An engineer and a creative thinker Varun works closely with the portfolio companies across functions from financial analysis to project management to marketing and everything in between. In his endless thirst for knowledge, he regularly meets new entrepreneurs to understand their potential in our portfolio.


What does failure mean to you?  
An opportunity to bounce back stronger

What’s your super power?
Eating spicy food

Which is your favourite city in the world?
New Delhi

If you weren’t a venture capitalist, you’d be..
A chef on the beach or a football manager