Tina Mehta

Brand Strategist

As the Chief Brand Officer, Tina ensures that Lightbox and our portfolio are connecting with customers. While “brand” is the conventional term for what she builds and protects, she tends not to like that singular explanation of things. It’s all about ensuring that the products, expereince and culture of the company are aligned with the execution plan. This then manifests in all interactions that the company has with the outside world... deep stuff!

It comes from years of great experiences at Wolff Olins, a branding consultancy, she worked on reinventing great old brands like GE, Target and Citi as well as creating new brands for Bono’s Product (RED), New Museum and New York City. She moved back to Mumbai in 2009 and most recently worked with venturethree, a design consultancy in London, on creating the new brand for Reliance Jio.

The intersection of design, marketing, brand, communication and technology is where Tina now lives.

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